Sunday, April 15, 2012

im at mehico


good day..
sebelum teruskan post ni..nak btahu u all tht en Ali dah kuar dari hosp.amin..thanks  ALLAH..
ok back to the topic, officially browsing from mehico..went here due to biz trip..nak set up line baru kat gdl @ staying at Westin hotel...the hotel is very nice n cozy..really love the interior..
the trip to mehico took 32 hours..wat a long trip rite...really tiring n adventurous.we missed our last flight to GDl..thank god there was another flight after tht..

so of coz u all wanna know how is mehico rite?emm..its totally diff from malaysia..kinda a bit hot then malaysia on noon but they have wind over here...angin sepoi2..most of the ppl here are frenly..but they cant communicate in kinda of hard for us to express wat we want..most of the time we r at work..
need to byoff this project smoothly...i am home sick rite now...miss my family tenit,en suami,mak ayah,mak ngah ,puad n mun...i cried whenever ,their thought came to my mind..another 2 weeks to go..huwaaaaaaaaaaaa.., flight transit at cam biasa time..please be prepare k..:)

arrive at amsterdam

taking train there


the best group

roads there



victoria hotel

my group (from left KC,Kumer,Jess,Darshini n me)

up in the sky

klm food


king bed


1st meal

jess and darshini

kumer n KC at work

me n jess

dars n her FT
tapatio tour with the rest of the team(from left kc,oete.tressa,Jason king,kumer,dave b,darshini,jess)

me n jess


tapatio bus

inside church

wanna polish ur shoes?

fatty me

kumer n statue guy

darshini n jess


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