Wednesday, November 28, 2012

door gift...


apa kaba...just a quick update ..i've managed to deliver 800pcs door gift to en .ashadi dari jabatan perikanan..:)En ashadi pilih door gift kalendar bentuk below are the pictures..kalendar ini diperbuat dari kayu..sangat cantik dan unik..harga boleh dirunding for those yang interested...:)

800pcs of kalendar..

closeup ...unik kan?

for those who looking for affordable gift..please call 013-6249150-liza...:)

terima kasih bebanyak en ashadi..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Henna for Jaja

Salam semua...

sorry for not updating blog quite some time..just want to know share on henna tht i did for jaja please refer below pics

FB:lionel jaja..Cute kan ?

Close up

One of the pic with henna.Make up done by FB: Ruzsha Bridal

So for those that looking for henna or door gift..please gimme a call...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Official FB page


Selamat pagi...

Just wanna update tht i have official page for my henna n door gift.
will make sure i will update FB selalu...
so for those looking for door gift n henna..please visit to..

Please help to like.. :)
btw..price can nego..

Friday, September 7, 2012

not a great day....


Selamat awal pagi...just nak update that few of my frens dy berenti dari kilang za bekerja yesterday..sebak betul ...asyik menangis jer...i miss the moments..yerla kat kilang za bukannyer ada kawan lain yang betul2 understanding...esok nak jumpa sorang kawan lagi...harap dia stay...

i feel happy for those yang dah berenti sbb diorang dapat package yang same time sad...coz normally their place will be my hangout spot..not easy to find a fren tht really understand u in and out...espeacially knowing me...emm my en suami told me ..its dy a time for me to stay on my own feet...trying my best..

tomolo i have sesi berinai ngan cik mira kat skang tgh prepare barang nak gi berinai..
btw...really true..tht we can live with only one source (sumber pendapatan)..

Visualize..The secret...

P/S:Miss you fied n jamilah..
Jai...please stay...Miss you gals VJS... 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family moon picture


1st of all sorry for not updating my blog as frequent as last year..been busy lately..(me started to give u excuses..)btw as per my post title..i would like to share the pics that we took at Taiping perak..Ib4 i start..i would like to recomend all of u to do online bookinh for accomodation ...i booked mine using agoda..its  so easy..just log on to n then just select the place u want..Easy huh?

Ok back to the origanal topic,i stayed at Taiping golf resort,perak.the place was very peace and quite..The room were just nice to fit 3 of us..Aiman really excited to see the room..he keeps on playing with mini fridge..climb the bed..jump and etc..not easy to handle a toddler like him ..super duper active...we just went to 2 plcaes  which are Zoo taiping ,Bukit merah lake town ..I prefer Zoo Melaka compared to Zoo Taipping as the view were nicer..
Ok pics session

tenit n ayah

mini kitchen


my car


bait(to make him eat)

aiman eating

cant stay 1 place

aiman n ayah


aiman w/o shirt...too hot

aiman n kakak


cheeky smile

tenit n ayah

hope all of u enjoyed the pics..
p/s: mak ngah dah bersalinv(bb boy on 14/07/2012)
Md. Akiff Zayan
will update the pics on next post..
Selamat berpuasa to all..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Family moon

Salam ...

Selamat malam semua...
a quick update..tomolo me and my small family will be going to Perak..
where?we are heading to bukit merah laketown waterpark and zoo taiping to celebrate my coming 4th wed anv..:)cant wait to go...

will upload pics once im back..:)
doakan selamat pergi n selamat pulang..


Saturday, June 2, 2012

just back from Johor


Selamat malam,..sorry sbb blog ni dah lama x baru jer balik dari melawat adik kat sana..
almaklumla member dah nak bersalin x lama sbb kak mensponser stroller..cantik stroller ni ....dia leh work both ways..mesti korang tertanya2 kan both ways tu apa..

both ways means stroller tu leh jadikan
1) bb menghadap kita( advisable utk bb baru lahir) kita tolak dari depan..
2) BB menghadap ke depan(nie utk todler si tenit..)

N.week isnin..kilang za woo..passtu mggu lagi satu gi Bukit Merah laketown resort..sempena ulangtahun perkahwinan yang ke -4.Thats all for today's post..
Gambar stroller sperti di bawah

Sebijik dalam gambar ni

orange u...Brand SC(sweet cherry)

rasa za ni kena belajar course time management la...nak update blog pon sampai x ada masa..parah tul.. :(

Sunday, April 15, 2012



just want to update henna pictures that i did..
return customer mali



my art

pengantin n fren

adik pengantin

bakal cikgu english

pengantin lelaki

kaki wawa

tapak tangan

my art again


pengantin wan + wawa..

tangan ku...
tangan minah mexico

mexico lady...cantik kan dia?

thanks for those i sudi menempah za utk hari bahagia...semoga panjang jodoh dan dimurahkan rezeki..

im at mehico


good day..
sebelum teruskan post ni..nak btahu u all tht en Ali dah kuar dari hosp.amin..thanks  ALLAH..
ok back to the topic, officially browsing from mehico..went here due to biz trip..nak set up line baru kat gdl @ staying at Westin hotel...the hotel is very nice n cozy..really love the interior..
the trip to mehico took 32 hours..wat a long trip rite...really tiring n adventurous.we missed our last flight to GDl..thank god there was another flight after tht..

so of coz u all wanna know how is mehico rite?emm..its totally diff from malaysia..kinda a bit hot then malaysia on noon but they have wind over here...angin sepoi2..most of the ppl here are frenly..but they cant communicate in kinda of hard for us to express wat we want..most of the time we r at work..
need to byoff this project smoothly...i am home sick rite now...miss my family tenit,en suami,mak ayah,mak ngah ,puad n mun...i cried whenever ,their thought came to my mind..another 2 weeks to go..huwaaaaaaaaaaaa.., flight transit at cam biasa time..please be prepare k..:)

arrive at amsterdam

taking train there


the best group

roads there



victoria hotel

my group (from left KC,Kumer,Jess,Darshini n me)

up in the sky

klm food


king bed


1st meal

jess and darshini

kumer n KC at work

me n jess

dars n her FT
tapatio tour with the rest of the team(from left kc,oete.tressa,Jason king,kumer,dave b,darshini,jess)

me n jess


tapatio bus

inside church

wanna polish ur shoes?

fatty me

kumer n statue guy

darshini n jess



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