Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family moon picture


1st of all sorry for not updating my blog as frequent as last year..been busy lately..(me started to give u excuses..)btw as per my post title..i would like to share the pics that we took at Taiping perak..Ib4 i start..i would like to recomend all of u to do online bookinh for accomodation ...i booked mine using agoda..its  so easy..just log on to n then just select the place u want..Easy huh?

Ok back to the origanal topic,i stayed at Taiping golf resort,perak.the place was very peace and quite..The room were just nice to fit 3 of us..Aiman really excited to see the room..he keeps on playing with mini fridge..climb the bed..jump and etc..not easy to handle a toddler like him ..super duper active...we just went to 2 plcaes  which are Zoo taiping ,Bukit merah lake town ..I prefer Zoo Melaka compared to Zoo Taipping as the view were nicer..
Ok pics session

tenit n ayah

mini kitchen


my car


bait(to make him eat)

aiman eating

cant stay 1 place

aiman n ayah


aiman w/o shirt...too hot

aiman n kakak


cheeky smile

tenit n ayah

hope all of u enjoyed the pics..
p/s: mak ngah dah bersalinv(bb boy on 14/07/2012)
Md. Akiff Zayan
will update the pics on next post..
Selamat berpuasa to all..

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lizawati, I enjoyed looking thru the pics here, well taken. Nice family you have.
    The last time I was in Taiping was wayyyyy back early '80s!
    Doing your hari raya shopping?
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.



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