Wednesday, July 3, 2013

potty training...


Sorry for MIA quite long..too much of work 5 months pregnant for 2nd bb..:):)..just did some blogwalking this blog ..on potty training..i know its vvvv hard to train em..not an easy process..looks like i need to change my way of training him..please read below..n i totally agree there's no point to shout at ur kid on this..Nice post..i like this the most(Positive Reinforcement. Stickers, Jelly Beans, etc. - For staying dry)

  1. Validate your child. Tell him and show him you know he can do it!
  2. Be consistent. Make sure that you continue the "potty training methods" you used before.
  3. Positive Reinforcement. Stickers, Jelly Beans, etc. - For staying dry
  4. Stop Negative Attention. This was hard, because you are frustrated - but it is important to only give positive attention. If they wet, just clean it up and move on.
  5. Remind Often.Don't ask them if they need to go, remind them to go. They will say no if you ask! :)
  6. Hold them Accountable. If they mess their pants, they need to clean it up. Not as a punishment, but to help. It reminds them how much work it is to be messy. 
  7. Be consistent.  This truly is the most important thing, that is why its on here twice!
  8. Keep it Short. Don't lecture about the accidents. The kids are little and lose attention quickly. Just remind them how awesome it is to be a big kid and to be potty trained and leave it at that. Lecture to a 3 year old = in trouble. Keep up the Praise on the staying dry!
  9. Do not turn this into a disciplinary matter, because it's not one. It is just part of being a toddler.
Please remember to not freak out and I beg of not put them back in diapers!!!

Remember this is a process, sometimes we need to reboot and start again.

Experts identify the following reasons for regression:
  1. stress (new sibling, divorce, move, new school, any change in schedule)
  2. medical reasons
  3. natural regression that occurs with the mastery of a any new skill
  4. ignoring the body’s message
Emily Geizir from Parenting Solutions wrote this perfectly:
"Keep in mind that recently trained children need reminders to go to the bathroom. This is how you can help your child to feel successful. Help her get to the bathroom on time.
Do not take “no” for an answer if you feel it has been too long between bathroom breaks. Honor what the child is focused on at the time, while also imparting the importance of listening to one’s own body (an important life message). For example (please extrapolate to your own circumstance), “I see that you are very focused on your activity, but it is time to take a break to sit on the toilet and then you can return to your activity.”  This is not a question.  This does not need an apology. This is a directive. Directives can be said in loving and assertive ways.
Your child will be inspired by your renewed faith in her abilities.  Maximize this momentum!"

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