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i was blogwalking just now ,found this skippymom n i love her post on Resolutions,smezsolutions.
emm which is true,the post explains y ppl always do their resolution only on every NEW YEAR..I mean 1st January..Y not on March,Jun or any other months.. :) please read below post tht i copy paste from her..Hope u'll enjoy it as much i enjoyed reading it..

Hope its not too late to wish Happy new Year to everyone.
May 2011 bring you prosperity and joy.

I know the New Year brings about the desire for a fresh start. People everywhere seem to pin their hopes, dreams and betterment on the dawn of January 1st. 

I have never understood this.

Here's my thinking -

What about  the month of March?  That isn't a worthy enough month to use as a time to change your [insert bad habit, addiction, penchant for serial killing] ::here::?

You can't stop biting your nails ::waving:: in June or start being a nicer person in August? Why?

What is the problem with February? Do you have to hold out until the New Year to become more organized so you have a good 10 months to live in a disorganized chaos?

There is no magic to January first.  You can find any day of any year to correct what you think is lacking in your life.  A calendar should not dictate behavior.

Next weekend won't do?  Try a random weekend.  It works.  Trust me.

I know it isn't all sparkly like January 1st - but anytime is good time to start anything that is going improve what you feel you need "fix", right?

See what I mean?  

Why do we need a specific date to be healthier, stronger, better because someone, somewhere coined the phrase "New Year's Resolutions."  It makes no sense.

Anyway  I write this because I have been asked what my New Year's resolutions are.

I was happy to make it to 2011 - I guess I resolve to make it 2012 - but I didn't have the time to wait until January 1st to see that.  It started quite a few weekends ago for me
thats all.

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